Skin Care Advice From Dermatologists

Skin Care Advice From DermatologistsSometimes it seems that girls with perfect skin – either superhumans, or they just have a very good foundation. You go with your girlfriend on a hike, and in the morning she swims out of the tent without a gram of make-up, with perfect skin. How does she do it? She does not spend days in the spa and does not remember when she last went to a cosmetologist, but she adheres to simple recommendations of dermatologists.

Wash your face twice a day

Many of us wash with the funds only once a day – usually in the evening. In fact, you should wash with soap or gel twice a day. Cleansing the skin in the evening seems logical after city dust. However, during the night our skin is contaminated no less – the dust from the pillow and the active work of the sebaceous glands lead to the fact that in the morning the skin needs to be cleared almost more than in the evening.

Always remove makeup before bedtime

It seems to be obvious advice, but few people should. After a stormy night, you can easily wake up, realizing with horror that you did not wash off cosmetics in the evening. Moreover, experts recommend after using the make-up remover (especially micellar water), rinse with warm water – the particles contained in these agents can dry the skin overnight.

Use a tonic and a cream that suits you by skin type

During care, the high cost of money goes to the background – if you regularly use even the simplest gel for washing, tonic and moisturizing cream, the skin will please much more than the periodic use of a super-expensive product.

Tonic is often considered an excess, but skipping this part of the care is still not worth it.

It helps remove the remnants of the make-up remover, water (which also dries the skin) and allows you to maximize the skin’s preparation for moisturizing.

Drink enough water

The skin should receive moisturizing not only from the outside, but also from the inside – from the body’s own reserves. Then she will be well hydrated, and she will not have any reasons for moods like peeling or acne (on normal skin, they just appear because she is frantically trying to work out as much fat as possible to protect herself from dehydration).

Do not let yourself bring the body to thirst and dry mouth. To do this, a bottle of water should always be on duty in the purse.

Watch for food

Another important element in the skin care system is a healthy diet. Our body (including the skin) receives vitamins and beneficial microelements mainly from food. None of the vitamins enriched with vitamins compensate for the shortage of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Use face cream with SPF

This rule of the city’s residents is violated very often. The sun causes 80% of problems associated with skin aging (thinning, wrinkles and pigmentation).

Many people think that with SPF the place is only on the beach, although in the city the activity of sun damage destructive to the skin is no less harmful.

Get enough sleep

7-8 hours of sleep not only help to strengthen immunity, but also benefit the skin. In a dream, it is renewed and enriched with oxygen (during a full day emotions the skin is harder to do it than on a completely relaxed face). In addition, as scientists have found, the chronic lack of sleep eventually leads to the appearance of hyperpigmentation and blue under the eyes. Scientists have found out that people after an eight-hour sleep seem to others more attractive than those who slept less.

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