Natural Ways To Clean Your Lungs

How To Cleanse Your Lungs NaturallyFor those who smoke, have persistent lung problems, or simply want to clean their lungs and be able to breathe better, in this article we will give some tips that are invaluable in making lung cleansing easy and natural.

If you learn how to breathe properly, expel mucus, improve lung ventilation and properly ventilate the room, you will see good results in no time.

Steam baths for cleansing the lungs

Do you know what steam baths are? These are deep breaths of vapors of medicinal plants, from which the lungs benefit. It is an excellent way to treat respiratory diseases in children and adults, and it also helps to clean the lungs, especially the lungs of smokers.

How to make a steam bath?

  • Boil two liters of water together with such medicinal plants as pine, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile, or motherwort.
  • After the decoction boils for 5-10 minutes, you will see that it releases aromatic vapors.
  • Remove the pan from the heat, cover your head with a towel and bend over the pan (be careful not to bend too low to avoid getting burned by the excess hot steam).
  • Inhale deeply through the mouth and nose, closing the left and right nostrils from time to time.

Get rid of mucous secretions

It’s normal to wake up in the morning feeling like you have excess mucus in your lungs, but sometimes it can lead to mucus plugs and prevent your bronchial tubes from breathing in the right amount of air.

Keep in mind that there are foods that increase mucus and should be removed from your diet, at least until you feel better.

Here are some foods to avoid:

Learn to breathe properly

Usually, we do not breathe properly because we forget about it!

We breathe only as much as is necessary for survival, this greatly affects not only our lungs, which are used to working with a reduced load because of this but also the rest of the organs, since the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body is significantly more difficult.

How to learn to breathe correctly?

The most effective way is to engage in exercises such as yoga, meditation, or tai chi. Such exercises always emphasize breathing and even teach us to do it with different parts of the body: stomach, diaphragm, or chest.

Improvement of the night breathing

We usually sleep an average of eight hours a day or a third of our lives. Therefore, it is crucial that the bedroom is clean and ventilated.

How to do it?

  • Ventilate the rooms in the house every day, and if you wish, leave your bedroom window partially open at night.
  • If you can’t properly ventilate your home, at least leave your bedroom door open.
  • Place plants that produce oxygen in your bedroom, such as golden pothos. The presence of one or two such plants in the bedroom helps to refresh the air for breathing.
  • Avoid excessive humidity and odors in the house. Use dehumidifiers and electronic diffusers. However, the air in the bedroom should not be too dry.

Be sad less!

There is a psychosomatic connection between illness and long-term sadness.

Thus, any treatment must take into account the emotional component. Our emotions can be naturally improved with homeopathic remedies, such as the Bach method of healing or the professional help of a psychotherapist.

Dr. Bach’s scientific research on the treatment of negative emotional deviations testifies to the great effectiveness of flower infusions. Medicines developed by Bach are offered to people experiencing fear and uncertainty and are used both in emergency situations and in case of long-term nervous tension.

Classifying negative emotional deviations, Dr. Bach described emotional states for which he proposed primary homeopathic remedies known as “Bach’s Flower Recipes.”

Bach described 258 emotional states, and a suitable flower infusion is recommended for each of them. However, to stabilize the emotional state, Dr. Bach offers both single-component and multi-component infusions.

So, if you want to have fewer health problems – be sad less, smile more often, and be happy!

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