Dust Mite Allergies: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Dust Mite Allergies: Symptoms, Treatment and PreventionDust Mite Allergies occur when exposed to household allergens. This is primarily home dust mites. Also, allergies are provoked by cats, dogs, birds that contribute to the formation of epidermal mites, and molds formed where there is dampness, accumulation of moisture.

Dust Mite Allergies – this is what arises in the surrounding houses, in enclosed spaces. This is dust, which contains many components of various allergens: hair, dandruff, mold, various microbes.

Means of household chemicals are nonspecific irritants, factors of exacerbation of an existing allergic inflammation or leading to a newly appeared inflammation. They can cause a nonspecific reaction, because they are allergens of a different nature – a chemical structure. But they will also provoke a household allergy.

Means of household chemicals should be kept in a separate room, always in closed packages. I recommend choosing those products that have a more sparing chemical structure.


The main symptom is an exacerbation of allergic rhinitis, which in the future, if not detected and not treated, leads to the development of bronchial asthma. The aggravation is manifested by suffocation, shortness of breath during physical exertion and contacts with various nonspecific irritants – sharp odors, household chemicals.

Also a symptom is the development of allergic dermatitis, especially atopic. It is usually caused by food allergens and, if you do not follow certain recommendations, it leads to an aggravation.

Accordingly, the three main symptoms: allergic rhinitis, atopic or allergic dermatitis and the main – bronchial asthma, which at the same time is the main reason for the onset and development of Dust Mite Allergies.

Asthmatics need special conditions

Atopic bronchial asthma is caused by house dust mites and epidermal allergens if the animals are at home – dogs, cats. First of all, home dust collects bed linens, since down, feather pillows, blankets, mattresses are a good place for the development of house dust mites. Plus, dust collects carpets, curtains, soft toys, all fur things and even books.

First of all, you need a complete change of bed linen – you need to remove feather and feather items, replacing them.

Manifestations in children and adults

In children, as a rule, allergies to food allergens develop from infancy. First of all, this milk, especially in those children who do not receive breastfeeding. Also in the risk zone are children with a hereditary allergenic predisposition. In the future, children with atopic dermatitis, with non-compliance with recommendations, develops a household allergy.

In adults, there are often cases that they first get sick at the age of 20-30. This is due to the impact of environmental factors that change our immune response. With age, of course, patients have a lot of concomitant pathology – from the gastrointestinal tract, chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Environmental factors change the properties and structure of pollen, it becomes more aggressive. For this reason, adults often have allergic rhinitis associated with the pollen of grass or trees.

Concerning preventive measures – it is necessary to create a hypoallergenic life in your apartment.
Still available on sale are special covers for pillows, mattresses, the fabric of which does not pass through ticks, mushrooms, or other bacteria. Also it is necessary to create conditions that there was no dust in the house – do regular wet cleaning, remove all the books under the glass or in the cabinets.

There are tools that are used to reduce the concentration of house dust mites. These are hypoallergenic special powders, sprays for processing bedding, upholstered furniture. Another use of air purifiers with twelve levels of air purification, which is important for people with allergies.

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