Why Are Food Allergies So Common Now?

Why Are Food Allergies So Common Now?Food allergies have recently become a very common problem. At every step, we can meet people who give up milk, bread, nuts or chocolate. Sensitization to gluten or lactose is not surprising anymore. More and more people are struggling with this ailment. Are you sure? According to the latest research, only half of people convinced of their food allergy are actually allergic to some food.

There is no doubt that allergy to food happens more and more often. But is it really possible that so many people suffer from food allergies these days? The researchers decided to take a closer look at this issue. The research results published in the JAMA Network Open give food for thought. About 20% of the population was convinced that they were suffering from food allergies. In fact, it turned out that allergy to food is only 10%. This means that half of people live in the mistaken belief of their food allergy.

Food allergy must be confirmed by a physician. In some cases, you will need to take certain medications. Specialists remind us that we should not eliminate any food groups without consulting the doctor. A poorly conducted elimination diet can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies and, as a result, bring more harm than good. In addition, you may find that you do not need milk or wheat at all. Ailments that we take for symptoms of food allergy can have a completely different cause, which is why a medical consultation is necessary.

The foods that we are most often allergic to are crustaceans, milk, nuts, eggs and soy.

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