What casual run can do for you

Improving healthEach of us can find a million reasons and excuses why we cannot run well at all in any way. Basically link to fatigue, a lack of nearby stadium, for age and disease. Well, we should start to run just to recover, to have more energy to become more beautiful and look younger! Yes, at first to be difficult, but I assure you, it will last for a week or two.

After all, if you remember, any new business is hard to start, and then it becomes a habit. Good habit.

A separate line is to provide our desire to start new businesses of tomorrow. But tomorrow, nothing changes. The more that sport and health in modern world  is a resident is not in first place. Instead of jogging we choose a TV and beer, instead of healthy food – sandwiches of the night.

Remember that some will run today, while others will not repeat “tomorrow” as a mantra for life. Today and today only, the result will be, in any case, the main thing – to begin! Well … you positive energy from the miraculous stories of how race affects positively on all aspects of life, and your first started jogging. And the very next day you a hellish pain in the whole body “being treated for” a beer with a fish.

It only says that you started to run a lot at once, and do not really want. Chances are, you ran outside influences and not by choice. To avoid this, before the start of training think about why you do it. Well, a purpose must be the same? Do you want to lose weight? Maybe look younger ? What about the elastic waist and beautiful muscles and feet, embossed press? Select your goal and motivation for classes will be mandatory! You will begin to deal with, very soon start seeing results, and jogging will become part of your life.

We must be honest and say about the food. You should know that your jogging will not give the desired effect without proper nutrition. Do not be afraid to force you to drink any chemistry or give up anything, nobody forces. But we must understand that the power is half the success of your future changes. The rules quite a bit, but they are really much depends. Try to avoid in the diet of black tea, coffee, pastries and made from flour, sugar and fatty foods. That’s all. Replaces all these positions fresh fruit and vegetables and often eat nuts. Special sugar lovers may be advisable to replace it with honey.

PS, All of the recommendations outlined above, I held by myself for about a half a year. I am more than pleased with the results. Believe me, not so long ago I could not imagine my life without 10 cups of coffee a day with sugar and other sweets, and today I do not even know their taste. And to be completely honest I do drink coffee a couple of times a day and do have a couple of glasses of wine in the evening though.

Oh, and of course yourself jogging … I began to feel that I was running all my life! The muscles are toned, I myself got thinner and generally stopped hurting! Try using these simple methods, and I assure you, you will change beyond recognition!