The cause of heart diseases

Preventing heart diseaseHeart diseases are always severe and can take a toll on the life of the person. They should be properly diagnosed and treated at the initial stages so as to prevent a greater loss. This is why health checkups should be done regularly. Regular screenings would help keep the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure in check. Before moving on to discussing the treatments of heart disease, we should first know the types of heart diseases. Coronary heart disease or ischemia is very common.

Deposits or build ups inside the arteries may cause cholesterol which restricts the blood flowing to the heart. The deposits narrow the arteries and this can start quite early, and also in the teen years. Thus people should get their heart checked by doctor regularly. Formation of plaque can also cause inflammation of the arteries. As the plaque becomes hard with time, the blood flowing to heart suffers greater obstructions. Such situations can cause clotting of blood that in turn has a weakening effect on the muscles. The suffering person thus becomes more vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes.

In ischemia, arteries are densely obstructed. The ischemic symptoms are nearer to heart attack symptoms. People suffering from ischemia can experience numbness, pain, heaviness, pressure, and tightness in chest. These symptoms are often taken as that of heartburn. A doctor will diagnose the symptoms and treat accordingly.

However, since the ischemic symptoms are close to heart attack symptoms, a medical help should be immediately sought when these symptoms start showing.

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