Addressing “Pre-Diabetes” Condition

Addressing “Pre-Diabetes” ConditionRecent research and studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that upwards of 89 million Americans are considered to have “pre-diabetes”. Essentially, the average American has unstable and abnormally high blood pressure, poor eating diets, and is missing many necessary daily nutrients that otherwise help prevent such diseases as type II Diabetes.

While the causes of Diabetes vary from genetics to self-care, there is a large focus on high blood pressure and poor eating habits that negatively impact your glucose levels and other internal bodily functions to fight off diseases and illness.­

Dietary guidelinesh

Common causes of pre-diabetes and diabetes II are high blood pressure, poor eating habits, and obesity–which all directly impact the health and operation of the heart and its corresponding essential organ functions. The average American consumes far too many unhealthy calories, fats, and sodium. A “simple” solution to this is to watch your caloric intake, read the nutritional guidelines for each food you consume, and monitor your blood pressure as you adjust your diet. Low-fat and non-fat foods and drinks are also a great solution to help treat and prevent both pre-diabetes as well as diabetes II. Believe it or not, often it’s the smaller changes that can make the largest positive impacts on your health.


While many people strive to be physically “fit” and treat their bodies the way that they are supposed to, they commonly underestimate what is required nutritionally. Additionally, many people fail to understand why exercise provides their bodies a necessary balance between caloric intake to caloric outtake. Walking for just 30 minutes per day can easily lower the risk of both pre-diabetes as well as Diabetes II. Physical fitness is especially important as it provides your heart the strength and stimulation it needs to operate efficiently and utilize the nutrients that you put into it.

Cooking and pre-diabetes

Many people don’t realize it, but providing your body a healthy diet based on whole foods and nutrition is essential for a more efficiently operating body and an overall healthier you. Additionally, when you choose to boil as opposed to frying foods you prevent adding unwanted fat from accumulating in places both exterior of your body, as well as the interior—in this instance, your heart. Changing the ‘smaller’ things in your diet such as replacing butter and fat, unnatural cooking oil with natural oil can make all the difference towards better balancing your blood pressure and maintaining a healthier you. Avoiding high levels of unnatural fats, sugars, and sodium help contribute to an overall healthier you and prevent pre-diabetes and diabetes II over time.

Monitoring your cholesterol and making good choices

A lot of people, even unbeknownst to them, are prone to or already have pre-diabetes. Because of this, including the variable of genetics, it’s essential that individuals get regular checkups to measure their average blood pressure, as well as any predispositions they might have in their blood stream that reflect a likelihood of type II diabetes.

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