What it Means to Wear Carl Zeiss Optics

What it Means to Wear Carl Zeiss OpticsZeiss optical eyeglasses are reinforced by a premium, reputable brand-name known across the globe for its prestigious products, reputation, and customer service, quality level of care.

Zeiss eyewear is tested vigorously to ensure durability, performance, overall cosmetic equality, desirability and style–and even undergoes various coating and lens tests to ensure proper prescription strength. Zeiss prides itself on matching the desired glass mold strength, all the way to technique of coating. Adequate measurements and application of coating, sealants, and prescription strength materials, all the way down to the frame, are triple checked for accuracy before sale to its customers.

Zeiss eyewear laboratories, production factories, and stores alike are tested and inspected monthly across the United States—along with anywhere else its name and products are being made or sold–to ensure consistent adherence to the same expectations and quality performance, production, and product that Zeiss’s reputation is known for.

People choose Zeiss eyewear because it outlasts most other popular brands, has very durable lens, and is a quite stylish selection in consideration of the available competitor’s brands and versions. In fact, Zeiss strives with every pair of eyewear to ensure it will exceed at least a 2 year lifespan.

What does it mean to Carry the Zeiss name?

Carl Zeiss Vision products are vigorously tested and experimented on while being pushed to the limit, via labs in which wear and tear are applied to the lens–equivalent to two years of wear or more! From severe rain, to heat, moisture, and even sand-storms; Zeiss’s glass undergoes nearly every possible scenario, ailment, and weather element to ensure its durability!

Into 2016, Carl Zeiss Vision implemented the new ISO 9001 management system standard to all global productions to ensure each and every lab, as well as retail establishment carrying the Zeiss name was adhering to the same quality expectations, guarantee, and warranty programs originally implemented and provided by Zeiss directly.

From the President, to administration, upper management, and leadership all the way down to employees; each and every one of Zeiss employees are trained the same ways to produce the same quality of lens, sealants, protection, coating, troubleshooting and support towards its customers–with the same 5 star quality that Zeiss was founded on!

Leading the Way

Considering all of the competition in the eye wear market, Zeiss has no choice but to remain as competitive as possible not only with its price, but also the services it provides, its products, and how it stands behind them. That is, as a consumer we would not want to purchase and stand behind a pair of eyeglasses if even the manufacturer themselves don’t wish to–or aren’t willing to do so, such as through a warranty program.

Providing a premium product and service, especially with something as critical as eyewear comes down to a lot more than just price, revenue, and a brand name. How Zeiss treats its customers, goes above and beyond to settle any questions, concerns, or disputes and always making itself available to its customers is one way it really stands out against the competition—along with its quality warranty program and courtesy follow-up care for it’s products.

Image credit: zeiss.com