Using A Mobile Phone Have A Negative Influence

Using a Mobile Phone Have a Negative Influence on Your HealthWhile it is true that using a cell phone can lead to health problems, you can avoid them by using it sparingly. It’s hard to imagine life without using a cell phone. You’re probably wondering how people moved without GPS or how lived without instant communication.

These days you no longer need bookshelves for encyclopedias, because now we have all information on a mobile phone. But their increasing availability has raised fears that their use could harm our health.

Most people immediately imagine electromagnetic waves, because it seems suspicious that such a powerful device can be harmless. It is true that radio waves are dangerous for the body. They enter through the ears and skin.

When electromagnetic waves enter the body, they change and weaken cell function. Therefore, it is recommended to use a speakerphone.

However, using a mobile phone also brings other problems.


Messages on your smartphone keep you in constant anxiety. You should always read the message, check the e-mail, and answer the call.

The Internet generates a huge amount of content, so there is always something to get your attention.

This creates a significant level of stress, forcing you to perceive the phone in a way that until recently was unthinkable. After all, many of us check our phones every few minutes.

Therefore, you should turn off notifications for several hours a day. This way, you will not only get rid of the constant feeling of anxiety but also get used to doing something without the help of the phone.

If you use your cell phone for work, you still have to give it a try. You should not be in the office 24 hours a day.

Muscle and joint pain

This is an unexpected answer to the question of what health problems are caused by the use of a mobile phone, but it is one of the most common disorders.

When you write or read something on a mobile phone, you strain your back, neck, and arms. You also repeat the same movements over and over with your wrists and fingers.

As a result, pain occurs in these areas, which leads to injuries, sometimes even chronic. To prevent this, it recommends normalizing the use of a mobile phone.

One of the best forms of exercise for the body is swimming. This sport activates all major muscle groups. It is also useful because of the movements that your muscles perform while swimming. They are stretched and toned, so there is both treatment and prevention.


We often make the mistake of grabbing a cell phone before bed or already in bed. We think it helps us relax like reading at bedtime.

However, constant updates and messages capture your attention. Time goes by, and you don’t notice it until the middle of the night.

That is why recommend postponing the device aside at least an hour before bedtime and devoting this time to relaxation.

Phantom vibration syndrome

The relationship with a mobile phone is very intimate and constant, which even gave rise to a new syndrome. Phantom vibration syndrome occurs when you always think your device is vibrating, so you have to constantly check your phone. It interferes with family life and work.

Set boundaries

Using a cell phone can indeed cause health problems, but it can be prevented by reasonable limits.

Make an effort to adhere to strict restrictions. You can give time to yourself and spend it on your favorite activities, such as going to the movies, cooking, reading, dancing, etc.

Picture Credit: Unsplash