Spider Vein Removal is important for health

Spider Vein Removal

Spider Veins is a quite common condition and has a complicated long formal name – Telangiectasias. Although feet and lower legs are the most common body-parts to get affected, they can appear any area of the skin. In this condition, the blood vessels appear reddish purple. Since they are very thin, they should not be mistaken as the bulging and much larger varicose veins. They are not painful but still many people opt for spider veins removal due to their unsightly appearance.

Many people who have unnoticeable spider vein on their body think that they remain the same and do not grow. However, the perception is far from reality as spider veins do become prominent and may increase in numbers with growing age. They may appear unnoticeable due to their position or thinness but would eventually be visible wherever they are when they grow with age.

The concern remains how these veins re removed. The method of spider vein removal is termed Sclerotherapy. This process involves sclerosing agents that are injected into the veins that get affected by Telangiectasias. The injection irritates the blood vessels and causes scar. When these scars and the irritation heals, the spider veins become lesser noticeable than they were before the procedure. In reality, the blood vessels become inconspicuous due to scars on their walls. The injections might cause slight stinging but have minimal side-effects.

When spider veins grow on the face, they are treated with lasers as they are more accurate and minimise the chances of scarring the surface of the facial skin. Depending upon the characteristic of affected blood vessels, laser treatment can also be effective on parts other than the face. If the issue occurs to deeper blood vessels then laser treatment is not sufficient to show effect. Doctors determine whether laser treatment would be effective or not after examining the patients’ specific situation.

People who have developed spider veins do not have to accept it and sit idly. Its treatment is very much possible. Though spider vein removal is an aesthetic therapy but that does not mean it is not important. In fact, it is particularly important for psychological reasons such as regaining of self-esteem and confidence.

There is no downtime as patients can resume their daily routine after the therapy. The only practical drawback is that Sclerotherapy is a repetitive procedure because spider veins have the tendency to reappear.

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