Anxiety Disorders and its various kinds


anxiety-natural-remedies-123rfAnxiety disorders may prove to be a bit debilitating, with some of its different types were already discussed earlier. In today’s post, we continue to follow the trend by discussing 2 more anxiety disorder types one should get familiar with. Social Anxiety Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are the names of these two types.

Social Anxiety Disorder:

It is the fear related to social gatherings. Sufferers tend to spend all their time before the social engagement, thinking about how others will perceive them. Sleep disturbances and upset stomach can be an outcome of this. Additionally, during such social engagements, they become very concerned and self-conscious about different features of themselves, ranging from the appearance, to the way they speak and move. People dealing with this are afraid that they will make a laughing stock out of themselves or will get publicly embarrassed. This usually leads the sufferers in “locking” themselves up inside their homes or to a solitary life as an easy solution of staying away from social situations. It prevents one in leaving their home, building long-lasting relationships or making new friends. It restricts one in leading a normal and simple life that may result in missing out on great many opportunities, both personal and professional.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

This anxiety-type develops right after a traumatic episode. Often one will be seeing army people returning home after a long time, going through this condition. But it is definitely not the only source that triggers PTSD. Victims of sexual assault, physical assault or those who lost a dear one can result in this type of a disorder. Natural disaster or anything terrifying or frightening can cause it. Victims of this deal with anxiety and recurring thoughts of the transpired event. Inside their minds, this event may get played repeatedly, which may result in making them violent or outwardly numb.

One can find themselves in exposing their families or ostracizing them to violent or emotional outbursts because of their unresolved emotions. It is not fair for those involved. Thus, it is important from to seek medical attention if they suspect themselves to be suffering from any of the above two conditions. Then only, one can receive the right diagnosis and follow the ideal course in treating the condition.

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