Feelings Of Guilt And Masked Depression

Feelings of Guilt and Masked DepressionNo one can live in the shadow of guilt, as if under the constant threat of a knife.

Freud once commented: “Excessive guilt and self-flagellation are key to understanding depression“.

Guilt and self-flagellation affect the brain

A study of the effects of guilt on the brain was published in the journal General Psychiatry.

Its results show that:

  • it is the frontal lobe of the brain that is responsible for whether a person rationally evaluates guilt and resolves it. This area is related to social behavior and the ability to be more objective about the situation;
  • in people with depressive disorders, there are failures in the frontal lobe, and only the frontal area of ​​the brain is activated;
  • because of this, a person cannot make others responsible for their actions (someone who harms, anger, or deceives him), but takes everything very personally and directs it to himself. This situation is very clearly reflected in the brain.

According to experts, if a depressive disorder is not treated, it can even cause some aggression, a marked decrease in self-esteem, and, in the worst cases, the feeling that everything is out of control and life is worthless.

This is a very serious condition.

The bad mood is your regular companion

Bad mood and the feeling that reality has lost its former brightness – are the typical symptoms of depression.

The most common signs of this type of depression:

  • apathy
  • lack of energy
  • sleep problems
  • dietary changes
  • periods when you want to run away from everyone, but on the contrary suddenly lack support and a reliable shoulder nearby. Also, this disorder can be caused to some extent by genetic factors.

This depression is quite difficult to detect and treat because sometimes a person suffers from it for several years in a row and at the same time lives quite normally. You go to work, you take care of your home and family, but at the same time, you constantly feel indifferent and unhappy.

It’s getting harder and harder to wake up every day…

As soon as this feeling hangs over you, it is important to seek help and understand that something is wrong and you need to correct the situation.

Strategies for everyday

To overcome depression, you need medical treatment, therapy, willpower, and support from loved ones.

That is, everyone needs to find a method that will work in his situation. We are all unique, so no two cases of depression are not identical.

However, you will only benefit if you follow these simple guidelines every day:

  • Action, exercise, sunbathing: that is, every time you leave the house, you need to surround yourself with “life”, move your body and create with it various, amazing changes in the brain.
  • Don’t let negativity get in your head. You need to stop the obstacles and noise in your mind and stop saying, “I can’t” or “I’m guilty.”
  • Our negative thoughts are not reality, it’s just the perception of things around us, which is not always true.
  • Visualize the changes of each day and you will see what life will be like if you fill it with a better mood, balance, and inner peace.

Fight for the realization of your dreams!

picture Credit: Unsplash