Vegetable fats stop prostate cancer from spreading

Vegetables-benefitsA person is most likely to lose all hopes when prostate cancer has been diagnosed in him. The recent researches and studies show that men taking vegetable fats are less prone to have prostate cancer take serious form. Researches also show that vegetable fats should take the place of some of the carbohydrates in order to save the diagnosed men from succumbing to the cancer.

The deaths caused by the disease are fast forwarded because the trans fats along with saturated fats help the disease to spread. If a doctor recommends the removal of fats as a whole from the diet of a person having prostate cancer, the advice should not be considered a good one. It is important to include healthy fats in diet of the person as these fats help them to combat with the disease, stopping it from spreading much.

However, taking unhealthy fats will aggravate the malignancy and increase death risk in the person. People who have animal proteins in large amounts included in the diet are more prone to dying early due to this cancer.

The studies have put forward the fact that those men who include 21% vegetable fats in diet can reduce by 1-3rd the likrlihood of dying by prostate cancer. Vegetable fats consist of antioxidants that prevent the body from inflaming, thereby reducing spread of this cancer to the other body parts.

Surveys reveal that one out of thirty six men in US die every year from prostate cancer. While consultation with doctor is necessary, the death toll can be minimized by increasing  vegetable fats in diet.

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