Negative Impact Of High Density Lipoproteins On Human Health

As per recent studies, it has been found that good cholesterol does have the potential to raise the chance of heart attack among cardio patients. As a result of this findings, fresh doubt casts on the use of medicines that are been given to patients for raising its level. Cholesterol containing HDL is primarily responsible [read more…]

Women suffering from ADHD during childhood period are prone to obesity in future life

As per the latest US findings, women who have been diagnosed with the problem of ADHD during their childhood are more susceptible to obesity than those who are not diagnosed with this disorder. This future outcome of obesity is much more prevalent among females than males who have been diagnosed with this disorder. Previously it [read more…]

What it Means to Wear Carl Zeiss Optics

Zeiss optical eyeglasses are reinforced by a premium, reputable brand-name known across the globe for its prestigious products, reputation, and customer service, quality level of care. Zeiss eyewear is tested vigorously to ensure durability, performance, overall cosmetic equality, desirability and style–and even undergoes various coating and lens tests to ensure proper prescription strength. Zeiss prides [read more…]

Addressing “Pre-Diabetes” Condition

Recent research and studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that upwards of 89 million Americans are considered to have “pre-diabetes”. Essentially, the average American has unstable and abnormally high blood pressure, poor eating diets, and is missing many necessary daily nutrients that otherwise help prevent such diseases as type [read more…]

Scientists believe Malaria protein can be a key to cancer cure

A remarkable achievement and a discovery is what the researchers have stumbled upon while working on a vaccine for protecting pregnant women from malaria. The discovery is expected of being potential treatment for cancer. Within the cell cultures as well as mice having multiple kinds of disease, the malaria proteins loading with toxin absorbed cancer [read more…]

Mushroom extracts may help in obesity treatment

A fresh study conducted on mice reveals the role of mushroom in obesity treatment. It was used in ancient Chinese medicine for treating obesity by changing bacteria composition within the gut. Researchers discovered in the course of study that mice fed with fat rich diet and mushroom extracts for 2 months gained limited weight. This extract [read more…]